Finally back in Cameri

June 4, 2011

After a hectic couple of weeks in Long Island, getting everything ready for the move, I am back in Cameri. Here is my favorite pastry- it is especially wonderful after doing the seven hills of Divignano with Team Lupo or going for a run in the Ticino

The chef at Pasticceria Salsa

forest in absolute pouring rain like we did today. Below you can see the pastries in the case with all the others I am not interested in, and the chef with his creation.

The pastry case at Pasticceria Salsa

Pastry from Pasticceria Salsa (paolo berenstein photo)


  1. Elena,
    I am really enjoying your book, Buon Apetito, so much that I am asking my Italian language club to consider reading it for a discussion. See my recent post below on my meetup group Lingua Italian Circolo (as I am trying to learn and practice the language).

    Jen’s post: Quanto mi dispiace…Non credo che sarò a venire stasera, ma vorrei consigliare un libro. Maybe the club would be interested in reading it and discussing it at some time in the months ahead? Si chiama Buon Apetito, di Elena Bertozzi. E ‘scritto in inglese e I’m really enjoying it! You can read more about it and order it from Lulu, a site on the web. Che pensa?

    • Hello Jennifer, I am delighted that you like the book. The book is actually called Appetite: A Hunger for Italy. Sorry if the cover is confusing. I’d be happy to send signed copies if you prefer. I sell them through ardeaarts.org.

      Ti ringrazio molto per i complimenti e la raccomandazione. Elena

  2. Elena, I loved your book and after having a trip to Italy a few years ago, I real appreciate having the recipes you shared. Good food for good health! Buon Appetto!

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