Welcome to the site to announce the publication of Appetite: A Hunger for Italy by Elena Bertozzi. Our relationship to food and appetite is fundamental to who we are, the way we live our lives, and our relationship to the environment. I decided to write Appetite: A Hunger for Italy in response to my concerns about food production, preparation and consumption in America. If you would like to buy a copy, please visit Ardea Arts. I am in Italy during the summer, so please visit  lulu.com June- August.

Appetite a hunger for Italy book cover

The book is about the experiences of a young writer who is interested in exploring the differences between Italian and American attitudes towards food, hunger and appetite. Why do Italians say “Buon Appetito”? Why is there no similar expression in America? The book allows the reader to travel throughout the PIedmonte region of Italy, meeting cooks and sharing meals and recipes.

cover design by Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr.


Here are some other publications

  • Broadmoor Memories: the History of the Broadmoor, 1993, 1999, 2003, Pictorial Histories, Missoula, Montana. This book was commissioned by the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort in 1991. Fourth edition with significant revisions published: March 2008.
  • Five of my artists books are listed in: Edizioni Pulcinoelefante Catalogo Generale, published by Libri Scheiwiller, Milan, 2005
  • Power Politics, Diplomacy, and the Avoidance of Hostilities between England and the United States in the Wake of the Civil War by Pia Celozzi Baldelli, translated by Elena Bertozzi,1998, footnotes translated by Cynthia Di Nardi Ipsen, Edwin Mellen Press, Lewiston, New York.
  • Passando il Sempione by Giuliano Crivelli, published by Grossi, 2009. This is book of watercolors and drawings of the famous Sempione Pass in northern Italy. Historical text translation into English by Elena Bertozzi.


  1. I just finished Appitite: A Hunger for Italy, and I hope there may be another book with the same format, “forse in Veneto”?

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Dee. If I could sell some more copies of this one, I’ll be able to publish the next one. Please tell your friends you liked it. If you want to post a review to amazon on goodreads as well, I’d really appreciate it.

      grazie mille, Elena

  2. […] always know the specifics about risotto, let alone the difference between the rice types (thanks Appetite: A Hunger for Italy by Elena Bertozzi!)  Arborio (a good risotto rice) seems easy enough to find in most grocery stories, but I had to […]

  3. Thanks for taking us to Italy through the pages of your book, Elena. I will never again pronounce the vegetables from my garden “great” or “perfect.” They will now be “splendid.”

  4. […] Bertozzi has written a delicious book for both the mind and the palate in Appetite: A Hunger for Italy.  The book details the main character’s travel to Italy to explore food.  Replete with a […]

  5. An excellent book!

    Elena Bertozzi has written a delicious book for both the mind and the palate in Appetite: A Hunger for Italy. The book details the main character’s travel to Italy to explore food. Replete with a picturesque narration, as well as several tasty recipes, the novel is truly a journey for the senses. Read the rest of the review at my blog: http://greenwordchef.wordpress.com/2012/04/29/appetite-a-hunger-for-italy/

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